Theology of the Kingdom

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This course introduces you to the theology of the kingdom of God in scripture. Taking recent (latter 20th Century onwards) Jesus Research as its starting point, it covers the growing expectation of the kingdom in Old Testament literature and then examines the coming of the kingdom in the life and ministry of Jesus, particularly in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts. From there it defines the kingdom as enacted, inaugurated eschatology. Having established that definition it then explores the kingdom in the Christian life, particularly through Pauline theology. It also examines the mandate for kingdom ministry today as modelled on the ministry of Jesus. A final section deals with various implications of kingdom theology, in terms of the church, dispensationalism, cessationism, healing, and the place of Israel.

It will equip you with a thorough knowledge of the biblical theology of the kingdom of God and how this theology is positioned in relation to other theologies, which it either redefines or opposes.

  • Describe the mission and message of Jesus.
  • Model Jesus ministry to the world today.
  • Elaborate on the three growing windows of Old Testament kingdom expectation.
  • Discuss the “coming of the kingdom in the mission and ministry of Jesus” as enacted, inaugurated eschatology.
  • Explain how the events of the cross, resurrection and ascension serve as supreme moments of enacted, inaugurated eschatology.
  • Explain the outworking of the kingdom in the Christian life, as understood through Pauline theology.
  • Justify that the Christian disciple is both called and authorized to inaugurate the kingdom as Jesus did.
  • Analyse the difference between kingdom theology and various popular opposing theologies.
  • View all of the lecture videos or listen to the audio in conjunction with the Power Points
  • Read the book
  • Assessments:
    • 2 “multiple-choice” tests (Ministry and Academic Levels)
    • 250-500 word reflection (Ministry Level only)
    • 1700-2000 word essay (Academic Level only)

Basic Course Information

  • Time: 11 weeks
  • Lectures: 14 sessions of 25-30 minutes each
  • Literature: Bible; Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom, 5th edition; 14 lecture Power Points

Study Guide

Theology of the Kingdom Study Guide

Required Book

Derek Morphew, Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom, Fifth Edition, Vineyard International Publishing, 2019.

Derek Morphew is currently serving as a theological consultant for the Vineyard Movement and involved in numerous writing projects. He was educated at Michaelhouse High School in Natal, South Africa, where he was converted to Christ through the ministry of Michael Cassidy, a well-known South African Evangelist. He then did his theological training at Rhodes University, where he majored in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology (BA cum laude), after which he obtained his PhD in the field of New Testament Studies at the University of Cape Town.

His career has gone through three stages, first as pastor and church planter, then as coach and overseer to pastors and churches, and then as developer of educational systems. He was the primary developer of Vineyard Bible Institute, has been the formative influence in Vineyard International Publishing, and after working for Vineyard Leadership Institute for a brief spell was responsible for the academic development of Vineyard Institute. He now works as a theological consultant to Vineyard leaders internationally.

He has published thirteen works, available on, and has written numerous unpublished manuscripts for educational and training purposes.