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This is the first of two courses offered through the School of Leadership which focus on “Christian spirituality”, and specifically Jesus’ understanding of it portrayed through the Gospels as becoming his lifelong apprentice (disciple). It is a storied, theological and practical course for spiritual growth.

Its aim is to help you understand and practise spirituality as Jesus did: to be captivated by him and his spirituality, to walk in his way and become like him, following him in his kingdom. Why Jesus? Because we believe he was both human and divine: he modelled what it means to be truly human as God’s image, and he was God incarnate, revealing God to us. Jesus is indeed The Way to God.

The longer we actually journey with Jesus, the more the Bible and the spiritual writings of the church mothers and fathers open themselves to us. The writings do not change, we change. We come inwardly into a space or place, an attitude of heart, where we can hear and receive their guidance and instruction and be transformed by it.

  • Understand several interpretations of ‘spirituality’, the New Testament meaning of ‘disciple’, and the process of becoming a mature disciple of Christ.
  • Practice several spiritual disciplines of engagement.
  • Grasp the biblical understanding of the kingdom of God and its key missional implications.
  • Identify the fundamental influencers of Jesus’ spiritual formation and apply them to your life.
  • Examine the meaning and mandate of the Great Commission of Kingdom Apprenticeship.
  • Explore Jesus’ sense of identity, empowerment for mission/ministry and confrontation with evil, together with the relevance and application of each for your life.
  • Apply Jesus’ call to discipleship in the kingdom community and his interpretation of the “good life” to yourself.
  • Discover the significance of Jesus’ version of the Great Commandment and Apostle John’s spirituality of love.
  • Investigate the nature and implications of the Sermon on the Mount for apprenticeship.
  • View/listen to the lecture videos in conjunction with the Power Points
  • Read the appropriate sections of the book
  • View/listen to all the teachings focussing on the Disciplines of Engagement and complete the accompanying exercises
  • Assessments:
    • 2 “multiple-choice” Quizzes (Ministry and Academic Levels)
    • Assignment focussing on ONE Discipline of Engagement (Ministry Level only)
    • Assignment covering FIVE Disciplines of Engagement (Academic Level only)
  • Attend all group discussions

Basic Course Information

  • Time: 10 weeks
  • Lectures: 8 sessions of 20-25 minutes each with accompanying Power Points
  • Spiritual Disciplines/Practices of Engagement: 8 sessions of 10 minutes each
  • Literature: Bible; Doing Spirituality: The Journey of Character Formation Toward Christlikeness

Study Guide

Jesus and Apprenticeship in the Gospels

Required Book

Alexander Venter, Doing Spirituality: The Journey of Character Formation Toward Christlikeness  (Kingdom Treasures Publication, 2019)

Alexander Venter is married to Gill and they have two adult children. The Venter’s lived in intentional Christian community for 23 years on “The Field”, south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Alexander was ordained to the ministry in 1975 in the Assemblies of God, then moved into the Vineyard in 1982, when he spent 8 months working with John Wimber. He has planted and pastored churches in Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Soweto and Johannesburg. He travels broadly teaching conferences, leading spiritual retreats, doing leadership consulting and training. He has authored four companion books, Doing Church, Doing Reconciliation, Doing Healing, and Doing Spirituality. He has also authored Praying the Psalms Volume One: Learning to Pray