Demonstrating the Kingdom

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This course is designed to produce radical followers of Jesus, who both announce and demonstrate the kingdom of God, with emphasis on the “demonstrating” aspect. Its central focus is the coming of the Kingdom by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, through the distribution and impartation of charismatic gifts, particularly those gifts that enable mission and evangelism. Key phrases have often been used for this dimension, such as “power healing,” “prophetic evangelism” and “power evangelism.” The purpose is to build faith and expectation in disciples of Jesus to receive the empowering of the Spirit for witness, leading to a radical obedience to his commission, through revelatory/prophetic gifts, gifts of healing and deliverance, all combining to effect power evangelism. A key step in the equipping process is to lay a strong foundation in Christian identity.

  • Describe the kingdom mandate Jesus gave to his church.
  • Live a confident Christian life based on a profound sense of identity “in Christ.”
  • Understand the purpose of the Pentecostal empowering of the Spirit and be open to experiences of such empowering.
  • Define the nature of the charismatic gifts of the Spirit and seek to discover those gifts you are called to as an individual.
  • View or listen to the lectures in conjunction with the Power Points
  • Read the appropriate material
  • Work through the Bible Studies
  • Assessments:
    • 2 Quizzes (Ministry and Academic Levels)
    • 250-500 word reflection (Ministry Level only)
    • 1700-2000 word essay (Academic Level only)
  • Attend all the group discussions

Basic Course Information

  • Time: 21 weeks
  • Lectures: 31 sessions of 10-20 minutes each
  • 25 lecture Power Points
  • Numerous Video and Audio Stories, Discussions and Demonstrations
  • Literature: Bible and 1 textbook.
  • Bible Studies
  • Various articles

Study Guide

Demonstrating the Kingdom Study Guide

Extra Resources

Theological Research Websites


Clash of the Kingdoms

Dealing with the Demonic

Exorcism in the Catholic Church

Rituale Romanum

Prophetic Prayer: The Gift of Prophecy in the Local Church

Kingdom Encounters 5 Step Power Evangelism Model

Required Books

  1. Bible [preferably the NRSV or the NIV (2011) translations]
  2. Morphew, Derek. Demonstrating the Kingdom. Vineyard International Publishing. 2019.
  3. Academic Research Resources: (Academic Level) The following resources are provided to enrich both your research and writing skills. Those studying at Academic Level are expected to apply the guidelines given in the first two resources below. The Free Online Theological Resources provide you with an excellent list of tools to assist you in many areas of your Christian life and vocation.
Available on the Course Webpage
1.      Writing an Academic Essay: A Brief Overview by Howitt, Q.
2.      Academic Writing and Theological Research by Kevin Smith (Chapters 3&4 only)
3.      Free Online Theological Resources

Included in the lectures are a series of stories/interviews and demonstrations that illustrate specific topics. They include the following in the various Study Blocks (SB):

SB Speaker Minutes
1 Neil Young, Senior Pastor, Causeway Coast Vineyard, Northern Ireland 3.25
2 Rich & Marlene Nathan, Senior Pastor, Vineyard Columbus, OH, Marlene Nathan, Women’s Pastor, Vineyard Columbus, OH 15.23
  Neil Young and Mark Marx, Founder, Healing on the Streets 1.56
3 Debby Wright, Trent Vineyard Church, U.K. Co-National Director, Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland 14.32
  Diane & Happy Lehman, Co-Senior Pastors of The Vineyard of Central Illinois 10.5
  Diane Leman, Being Empowered by the Spirit 6.37
4 Steve Nicholson, Senior Pastor, Evanston Vineyard, IL 2.46
  Ken Fish, Founder, Kingdom Ministries, CA 7.13
  1. Bible Studies
  • There is a set of bible studies at the end of each Study Block topic. These are 1-2 (maximum 3) pages. We recommend you make use of them in the following ways: 1) As sermon or teaching outlines, enabling a local church to do a series on a given topic; and 2) In home groups, as weekly handouts, where the home group leader uses the textbook.
  1. Various articles
    • “Clash of the Kingdoms” – Brenda Gatlin
    • “Dealing with the Demonic” – Brenda Gatlin
    • “Exorcism in the Catholic Church.” An article from a Catholic Church website.
    • “Rituale Romanum” – the official right of the Roman Catholic Priest
    • Prophetic Prayer: The Gift of Prophecy in the Local Church
    • Kingdom Encounters 5 Step Power Evangelism Model

Thomas Lyons

Thomas is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary under Craig Keener, with research interests in the rhetoric and theology of Luke-Acts, the Kingdom of God, and the hermeneutical methodology of Inductive Bible Study. He is also Greek Teaching Fellow at Asbury Theological Seminary. He has a BA in Mathematical Science from the University of Cincinnati and as MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary. His desire is to biblically educate leaders and provide theological reflection for the Church in an increasingly post-Christian world. To that end, he serves actively in the Vineyard Community Church of Lexington, Kentucky.

Derek Morphew

He is currently serving as a theological consultant for the Vineyard Movement and involved in numerous writing projects. He was educated at Michaelhouse High School in Natal, South Africa, where he was converted to Christ through the ministry of Michael Cassidy, a well-known South African Evangelist. He then did his theological training at Rhodes University, where he majored in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology (BA cum laude), after which he obtained his PhD in the field of New Testament Studies at the University of Cape Town.

His career has gone through three stages, first as pastor and church planter, then as coach and overseer to pastors and churches, and then as developer of educational systems. He was the primary developer of Vineyard Bible Institute, has been the formative influence in Vineyard International Publishing, and after working for Vineyard Leadership Institute for a brief spell was responsible for the academic development of Vineyard Institute. He now works as a theological consultant to Vineyard leaders internationally.

He has published thirteen works, available on, and has written numerous unpublished manuscripts for educational and training purposes.

Dianne Leman

Dianne Leman, M.Ed., left her career in education after encountering the Holy Spirit and experiencing God’s miraculous healing from infertility. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Vineyard Leadership Institute and Vineyard Bible Institute, Dianne entered full-time ministry with her husband, Happy, and together they have pastored The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, Urbana, IL. Over the past forty years, Dianne has served on the Vineyard USA Executive Team, led the Women in Leadership and Renewal Teams and travelled widely sharing God’s love and healing power. She is the delighted mother of five and grandmother of sixteen.

Reading and writing have always been passions for Di. She is the author of “We’re Pregnant!” How to Receive God’s Cure for Infertility about her own infertility journey and the joyous stories of many other couples. Dianne has also authored, Hello Holy Spirit: God’s Gift of Live-In Help, a book and small group resource for learning how to receive the incredible gift of God Himself and experiencing His tangible power in every aspect of life. She is the co-author of Jesus Heals Today, a book and small group resource for exploring the healing power of Jesus today.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, churches and women’s events both nationally and internationally.

Ken Fish

Ken Fish is a native of the Los Angeles area and an honour’s graduate of Princeton University with a degree in History and Philosophy of Religion. He concentrated on the writings of the early church fathers, the history of late antiquity and of the early middle ages. He subsequently earned his Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary with emphases in theology and intercultural communications. He also holds an MBA in finance and strategy from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management. Ken has over twenty years of experience as a senior executive with Fortune 500 corporations specializing in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, financial management and organizational transformation.

Ken has been involved in equipping people to “Doing the Stuff” of ministry for more than twenty years. He was formerly on staff with Vineyard Ministries International and worked closely with John Wimber for years as his “ghost-writer” for the Vineyard conference materials. Ken leads conferences on Healing, Deliverance, Signs and Wonders and Hearing God’s voice. He has a humorous, laid-back style that lends itself to helping others become naturally supernatural

Kingdom Fire Ministries was birthed out the conviction that the cry of the 16th century Reformers, Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda (The Church having been reformed must always continue being reformed), is the pathway to fulfilling the vision for the wisdom of God to be revealed to the current age. However, Kingdom Fire Ministries does not exist merely for the benefit of the Church. It works with corporations, government agencies and educational institutions to bring the wisdom of God to the world in the everyday affairs of life. It partners with leaders to effect societal transformation by teaching and demonstrating the principles of the Kingdom of God in tangible, practical ways.

Steve Nicholson

Steve began his ministry as a college student through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the 1970s. After graduating from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, he moved to the Chicago area and was part of the group of young leaders who founded a church in Evanston that placed a high priority on contemporary worship. In 1981, Steve and his wife, Cindy, were sent out from Evanston to plant a church in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighbourhood (now the Urban Vineyard). In 1985 both churches joined the family of Vineyard USA and Steve and Cindy returned to lead the Evanston Vineyard. Steve’s vision for new church planting has guided the Evanston Vineyard to plant 17 new churches since 1981. He also serves on the National Board of Vineyard USA as the Church Planting Task Force Coordinator. He has ministered and trained church leaders in India, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Latvia, Kenya, Chile, Brazil, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Ireland (Eire). Steve and his wife, Cindy, have raised a daughter and two sons.

Mark Marx

Mark founded the Healing on the Streets ministry in Coleraine at Easter in 2005 and spends much of his time travelling the world spreading his message to other churches. Born in South Africa, he came to England with his father when he was just three after his parents separated. At university he graduated in graphic design, but he later specialised as a high-end interior designer working for rich London families.

He is one of the leaders of the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland, which has experienced considerable growth over the last few years. Mark’s ministry has been a significant contributor to that story. He is the author or Stepping Into The Impossible: The story of Healing on the Streets.

He has also made a major contribution to churches all over the world through his teaching and impartation of the healing ministry.

Brenda Gatlin

Brenda, and her husband Michael, have been Senior Pastors at Duluth Vineyard since 1997. Brenda has served as an Area Pastor in her Region since 2009, and in 2013 was appointed as the Regional Leader for the Midwest North Region, serving and caring for seven Area Pastors and about 50 local churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Chicago, IL area.

Brenda, affectionately known as “B” had the assurance of a life-time call to ministry when she was a teenager and has been following that path ever since. She is passionate about seeing people become whole and be a right reflection of who God is.

Brian Blount

Brian has spent the last twenty years equipping and training individuals, teams, and churches in healing, power evangelism, and prophetic ministry. He has travelled to many places throughout the United States and internationally. He is a husband and the father of six children, the youngest three of which are triplets. He is a business owner and has co-authored a book on power evangelism called From the Sanctuary to the Streets. Brian is passionate about living a lifestyle of looking, listening, and responding to God’s activity around him and teaching others to do the same. He is the senior pastor at Crestwood Vineyard, Oklahoma City, where he and his family live.